Good Reasons to Prefer High-Quality Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets Over the Alternatives

It is possible to buy a somewhat serviceable set of sheets for very little money today, and some shoppers personally prefer such options. Bedding made from synthetic materials like polyester-based microfiber might not excel in any particular respect, but it is almost always very affordable.

Many people, though, appreciate how spending a bit more can allow the purchase of sheets that exist at a far higher level. Among the various higher-end types of sheets that are available on the market, those made from Egyptian cotton consistently receive the most praise of all.

In fact, many experts consider the best Egyptian cotton bed sheets to be essentially unbeatable in all the most important respects. Far from being the product of marketing or excessive hype, the reputation that Egyptian cotton bedding has developed stems from a number of considerable, significant strengths.

World-Class Sheets That Never Disappoint

Shoppers who only pay attention to price tags often miss out on things that less narrowly focused people appreciate and value. This is particularly true of bedding, where the difference between a bargain-basement set of sheets and a high-end alternative should almost always be truly enormous.

While luxury Egyptian cotton sheets will never be the lowest priced among all types of bedding, they will make up for the premium in ways that anyone should be able to respect. Some of the strengths of this type of bedding that just about every owner notices include its:

  • Softness. Much of Egypt is especially amenable to the cultivation of cotton, and the country produces hundreds of thousands of bales of it every year. Cotton is grown in Egypt and harvested carefully often has far longer fibers than that produced anywhere else. Long fibers mesh together especially well when drawn out and spun into thread and yarn. Cloth produced from such lengthy fibers ends up being considerably softer than it would otherwise be.
  • Durability. Some types of bedding are prone to degrading quickly and even falling apart after a few washes. Sheets made using cotton grown in Egypt tend to stand up far better to the test of time. That feature is one that can easily repay the higher cost that is so typical of this kind of bedding. Not needing to buy new sheets for a much longer time will allow the investment made into the original pair to keep producing returns.

The Best Sheets Money Can Buy

For reasons like these and a number of others, many experts consider sheets made from cotton produced in Egypt to be some of the best that are available. While Egyptian cotton bed sheets will almost always cost more than certain alternatives, the price should be easy to justify.

Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleave of care
The death of each day’s life, sore labour’s bath
Balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course,
Chief nourisher in life’s feast.

~ William Shakespeare, Macbeth