How to Shop for Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen

In the world of linens, few items are considered as luxurious as those made from cotton grown in Egypt. There is an especially high demand for Egyptian cotton bed linen. They are incredibly soft and known for their strength. Only the finest hotels use linens made from Egyptian cotton because they are expensive compared to other materials. They are also popular among individuals who want only the best. However, suppliers offer many products that claim to be Egyptian cotton bedding but are not, so savvy buyers learn to recognize authentic products and understand how to spot fakes.

Egyptian Grown Cotton Is Unique

One of the reasons luxury cotton sheets are so coveted is their rareness compared to other high-end linens. Authentic products are made entirely from cotton grown in Egypt. Fabrics made from the cotton include very long fibers that contribute to their strength. In addition, fabrics tend to have deeper, richer colours than other materials due to their ability to absorb liquids.

Suppliers Do Not Always Sell the Real Thing

It is important that shoppers know how to spot fake Egyptian cotton bed sheets. Some countries do not have any restrictions against labeling products as authentic when they are primarily made of other materials. There are linens that are labeled authentic that are made from cotton grown in countries other than Egypt. It is essential to investigate any information or signs that indicate bedding might not be made entirely of cotton from Egypt.

Price Does Make a Difference

The price of products that claim to be made of cotton from Egypt can be a red flag that alerts buyers to fake products. Authentic luxury Egyptian cotton sheets are definitely at the high end of the price scale, partially because they are relatively rare. Compared to other countries, Egypt's cotton production is small, but demand is always high. If a shopper finds budget-priced bedding that is sold as fine cotton grown in Egypt, it is fake.

There Are Official Authenticity Tests

Although cotton sourced from Egypt can usually be identified by experts, some fakes are so close that the industry has developed a DNA test for products. Some genuine bedding contains a DNA certification label that guarantees its authenticity. Shoppers can also look for an official triangular seal that verifies products were grown in Egypt, although it does not guarantee the grade. The best policy is to buy from reputable suppliers and read product information very carefully.

Bedding made from cotton grown in Egypt is coveted by customers who enjoy the finest linens. However, there are many products that simulate authentic linens sourced from Egypt, so buyers should read product information, buy from trusted sellers, and expect to pay a premium price for the real thing.

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